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True: Upright Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

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Castors, Legs and Levelers
T-Series Freezer 1/2 HP or less Compressors
T-Series Freezer 3/4 HP and up Compressors
TSD Slide Door Parts
T and TS Series Coolers Sing Door With Intergrated Door Light Door Parts
T-Series Swing Door, Non-IDL Door Parts
Door Hinges
T-Series Half Door Hinges
Door Parts
T-Series Half Door Old and Current Style Door Parts
Door Locks
Evaporator Parts
Top Mount Cooler Evaporator Parts
Top Mount Freezer Evaporator Parts
Grill Parts
T-TS-TM-TSD Lighting Parts
T-TS-TM-TSD Lighting Parts
T-TS-TM-TSD Shelf Parts
T-TS-TM-TSD Sign and Sing Frame Parts

True Models: T, TM, TS

Available Parts List:

1 Order: Cabinet End
2 Order: Bumpers
3 Order: Castors
4 Order: Legs
5 Order: Leveling Nylon Foot Screw
6 Order: Leveling Screw
7 Order: Siesmec Legs
8 Order: Compressor Power Cord
9 Order: Condensing Unit
10 Order: Top Mount Condensing Unit
11 Order: Condenser Fan Motor
12 Order: Fan Motor Bracket
13 Order: Fan Motor Condenser Blade
14 Order: Accumulator
15 Order: Power Cord
16 Order: Compressor Outlet
17 Order: CRO Valve
18 Order: Termianl Block
19 Order: Accumulator, Capillary and Suction Line and Shorter Suction Line for Top Mount Unit
20 Order: Start Capacitor
21 Order: Overload
22 Order: Relay
23 Order: Condenser Coil Shroud
24 Order: Accumulator, Capillary and Suction Line
25 Order: Compressor Pull Out
26 Order: Compressor
27 Order: Block
28 Order: Compressor Bolt
29 Order: Capillary Tube
30 Order: Compressor Drier
31 Order: Condenser Coil
32 Order: Compressor Base
33 Order: Condensing Unti
34 Order: Power Cord
35 Order: Compressor Outlet
36 Order: Accumulator
37 Order: Compressor Pull Out
38 Order: Capillary Tube
39 Order: Compressor Drier
40 Order: Condenser Fan Motor
41 Order: Condenser Fan Motor Blade
42 Order: Condenser Fan Motor Bracket
43 Order: CRO Valve
44 Order: Accumulator, Capillary, Suction Line
45 Order: Overload
46 Order: Compressor Power Cord
47 Order: Condenser Coil Shroud
48 Order: Power Packs
49 Order: Condenser Coil
50 Order: Discharge Valve
51 Order: Capillary Tube
52 Order: Valve Suction
53 Order: Compressor
54 Order: Run Capacitor
55 Order: Relay
56 Order: Start Capacitor
57 Order: Top Channel
58 Order: Blocks
59 Order: Wiper Style Gasket
60 Order: Glass Insert Support
61 Order: Glass Insert
62 Order: Door Frame
63 Order: Decal
64 Order: Handle
65 Order: Door Handle Screw
66 Order: V-Roller
67 Order: V-Track
68 Order: Bottom Channel
69 Order: Door Assembly
70 Order: Solid Door for TSD Models
71 Order: Door Weight Cord
72 Order: Weight
73 Order: Jamb Style Gasket
74 Order: Cord Guide
75 Order: Door Weight Cover
76 Order: Cord
77 Order: Weight
78 Order: Latch
79 Order: Plastic Strip Behind Jamb Gasket
80 Order: Lampholder Base
81 Order: Lampholder Top
82 Order: Light Filler Channel Aluminum Tape
83 Order: Light Filler Channel
84 Order: Lampholder Bottom
85 Order: Lampholder Base
86 Order: Lamp Shield
87 Order: Door "Y" Power Cord
88 Order: Receptacle
89 Order: Lamp
90 Order: Light Channel Aluminum Tape
91 Order: Frame Door
92 Order: Strain Relief Bushing
93 Order: Glass Insert
94 Order: Power Cord
95 Order: Back Plade Door Gasket Kit
96 Order: Door
97 Order: Gasket
98 Order: Door Gasket Back Plate
99 Order: Glass Insert
100 Order: Door Frame
101 Order: Handle
102 Order: Door
103 Order: Back Plate
104 Order: Mullion Assembly
105 Order: Door Frame Heater for Freezers
106 Order: T-12, T-12F Top Door Hinge Kit
107 Order: T-12, T-12F Bottom Door Hinge Kit
108 Order: Block
109 Order: Spring
110 Order: Full Door T-Series Top Door Hinge Kit
111 Order: Full Door T-Series Bottom Door Hinge Kit
112 Order: T-Series Half Door Old Style Door Hinge Springs
113 Order: T-Series Half Door Old Style Door Hinge Brackets
114 Order: T-Series Half Door Current Style Door Hinge Kits
115 Order: Plastic Door Gasket Base
116 Order: Door With Recessed Handle
117 Order: Stainless Door Gasket Base Kit
118 Order: Door With Standard Handle
119 Order: Gasket
120 Order: Handle
121 Order: Cover
122 Order: Mullion Assembly
123 Order: Integrated Door Light
124 Order: Lamp Shield
125 Order: Lamp
126 Order: Aluminum Light Assembly Tape
127 Order: Door Frame
128 Order: Glass Insert
129 Order: Strain Relief Bushing
130 Order: Power Cord
131 Order: Mullion Assembly for Glass Doors
132 Order: Door
133 Order: Gasket
134 Order: Door Gasket Back Plate
135 Order: Glass Insert
136 Order: Handle
137 Order: Door Frame
138 Order: Door
139 Order: Door Gasket
140 Order: Door Gasket Back Plate
141 Order: Glass Insert
142 Order: Door Frame
143 Order: Handle
144 Order: Door with Recessed Handle
145 Order: Gasket
146 Order: Old Style Door Prior to 1995
147 Order: Handle
148 Order: Gasket
149 Order: Door Lock Bar
150 Order: IDL Hald Door Assembly
151 Order: Door Gasket
152 Order: Aluminum Light Assembly Tape
153 Order: Lamp
154 Order: Lamp Sheild
155 Order: Gasket Back Plate
156 Order: Power Cord
157 Order: Strain Relief Bushing
158 Order: Glass Insert
159 Order: Barrel Stlye Lock-Slade Door
160 Order: Solid Door Locks for T Models Cooler and Freezer
161 Order: Locks For T Models Cooler and Freezer
162 Order: Evaporator Coil
163 Order: Evaporator Drain Pan
164 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Bracket
165 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor
166 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Blade
167 Order: Insulation
168 Order: Evaporator Cover
169 Order: Evaporator Drain Elbow
170 Order: Evaporator Drain Elbow Grammet
171 Order: Evaporator Drain Hose
172 Order: Digital Thermometer
173 Order: Dial Thermometer
174 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Guard
175 Order: Rocker Switch
176 Order: Temperature control
177 Order: Condensate Drain Pan
178 Order: Condensate Drain Pan Heater
179 Order: Evaporator Wicking Pad
180 Order: Wicking Bar
181 Order: Wicking Kit
182 Order: One Peice Condensate Drain Pan Heater
183 Order: Evaporator Housing Cover
184 Order: Ballast
185 Order: Evaporator Coil Mounting Guard
186 Order: Temperature Control
187 Order: Control Temperature Plate
188 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Guard
189 Order: Lampshield
190 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Bracket
191 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Blade
192 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor
193 Order: Evaporator Drain Pan
194 Order: Evaporator Coil
195 Order: Evaporator Drain Pan
196 Order: Evaporator Drain Hose
197 Order: Evaporator Cover
198 Order: Evaporator Coil
199 Order: Evaporator Drain Pan
200 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Bracket
201 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor
202 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Blade
203 Order: Temperature Control Plate
204 Order: Temperature Control
205 Order: Evaporator Fan Motor Guard
206 Order: Evaporator Dran Pan Heater
207 Order: Lampshield
208 Order: Evaporator Drain Mounting Bracket
209 Order: Evaporator Drain Hose
210 Order: Evaporator Drain Pan
211 Order: Grill Assembly
212 Order: Grill Mounting Screw
213 Order: Grill End
214 Order: Grill Mounting Kit
215 Order: Grill Mounting Clip
216 Order: T-12F Lower Grill
217 Order: T-Series Coolers and Freezers Grill Mounting Kit
218 Order: Sign Ballast
219 Order: Light Starter Base
220 Order: Light Starter Base
221 Order: Starter
222 Order: Ballast
223 Order: Lampholder for Glass Door Models
224 Order: Lampholder for T-12G
225 Order: Lampholder for T-Models
226 Order: Single Lampholder for T-12's
227 Order: Double Lampholder for T-12's
228 Order: Light Assemblies
229 Order: 3 Prong Switch for Freezer
230 Order: 4 Prong Switch for Freezer
231 Order: 2 Prong Rocker Switch for Refrigerator
232 Order: Push Button Light Switch
233 Order: Rocker Style Light Switch
234 Order: Toggle Style Light Switch
235 Order: Lamp Bulbs
236 Order: Lamps
237 Order: Lampshield
238 Order: Door Lamp Lampshield
239 Order: Lampshield
240 Order: Lampshield End Cap
241 Order: Backguard
242 Order: Shelf Standard Bracket
243 Order: Shelf Standard
244 Order: Shelf Clip
245 Order: Shelf Standard Bracket
246 Order: Center Shelf Standard
247 Order: Bun Tray Rack
248 Order: Bun Tray Bar
249 Order: Bun Tray Slide
250 Order: Wine Rack Style Shelf
251 Order: Rainshield
252 Order: Panel
253 Order: Frame End Piece
254 Order: Frame Bottom Piece
255 Order: Assembly Frame
256 Order: Rainshield
257 Order: Rainshield for DT Models
258 Order: Nameplate
259 Order: Digital Thermometer
260 Order: Dial Thermometer
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