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Perlick: Glass Frosters

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Replacement Parts

Perlick Models: Glass Frosters

Available Parts List:

1 Order: Replacement Compressor
2 Order: Condensing Unit Fan Motor Assembly
3 Order: Condensate Pan
4 Order: Expansion Valve
5 Order: 5: Evaporator Fan Motor 5A: Evaporator Fan Motor Bracket
6 Order: Evaporator Fan Blade
7 Order: Evaporator Coil Assembly
8 Order: Evaporator Defrost Heater
9 Order: Temperature Control
10 Order: Perimeter Heater Wire
11 Order: Defrost Timer
12 Order: Defrost Temperature Limit Switch
13 Order: Breaker Strip Kit
14 Order: Rocker Switch With Pilot
15 Order: Compressor Side Shelf
16 Order: Back Grille
17 Order: Front Grille
18 Order: Door Assembly
19 Order: Top Wiper Gasket
20 Order: Wide Shelf
21 Order: Narrow Shelf
22 Order: Wide Bottom Floor Rack
23 Order: 23: Narrow Bottom Floor Rack 23A: Complete Shelf Kit
24 Order: Long Shelf L Bracket
25 Order: Short Shelf L Bracket
26 Order: Top Assembly Back
27 Order: Complete Condensing UnitNot Pictured
28 Order: Terminal BoardNot Pictured
29 Order: Overload ProtectorNot Pictured
30 Order: RelayNot Pictured
31 Order: Start CapacitorNot Pictured
32 Order: Timer LocationNot Pictured
33 Order: Multiple Doors Door AssemblyNot Pictured
34 Order: Main Wire HarnessNot Pictured
35 Order: Defrost Timer To Switch Wire HarnessNot Pictured
36 Order: 1 1/4" Evaporator TubeNot Pictured
37 Order: 4 1/8" Evaporator TubeNot Pictured
38 Order: Suction/Liquid Lines Heat Exchanger With DryerNot Pictured
39 Order: Mullion AssemblyNot Pictured
40 Order: Refrigerant ChargeNot Pictured
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