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Crathco: Super Bowl Assebmly

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Super Bowl Assembly Parts

Crathco Models: Super D112

Available Parts List:

1 Order: Dispense Valve With O-Ring
2 Order: O-Ring For Dispense Valve
3 Order: Bowl Gasket
4 Order: Super Bowl Lid
5 Order: Blue Impeller
6 Order: 12 Gallon Super Bowl With Hardware
13 Order: Super Bowl Pump Cover. Use With Spray Tube
14 Order: Super Bowl Spray Tube
15 Order: Agitator
16 Order: Lockdown Cam
17 Order: Plastic Drip Tray
18 Order: Plastic Drip Tray Grid
19 Order: Stainless Steel Drip Tray
20 Order: Dispense Valve Handle
21 Order: Non-Contact Handle
22 Order: Stainless Steel Drip Tray Grid
23 Order: Bearing Sleeve
24 Order: Black Universal Impeller
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